At the Future Index we immerse ourselves in the hottest topics, explore the buzz, weigh up the evidence and make sense of it all. And then we apply it. Our sources are global in every sense. From The Chronicle and Inside Ed to the THES. From Flipboard, Trendhunter and Mashable to the FT, New Scientist and Forbes. Downloading Social Bakers and ComScore, whilst hotwired to Google Trends. And that’s just the start. Our Lab takes all this knowledge and builds it into current, compelling and hugely useful guides for you and your peers.

Through our sample editions, our briefing papers and our workshops you get to see how you can grow and how you can apply worldwide knowledge for your institution. How you can disrupt and disturb the status quo. How you can breakthrough with the best ideas and get ahead of the competition – and how you call pull together and inspire your teams in the process. Top learn more then please visit us at www.thefutureindex.com

Future Index Extra gives you a taster by sharing some of the highlights.



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